Windows Photo Viewer changing background color

The most frustrating, annoying, and useless option/bug in the Windows Photo Viewer, is when it changes the sweet white background to an ivory off-white tint. Get rid of it by doing the following steps.

1. Open control panel
2. Type color in the search bar and click on the green color management link
3. Check off the box under your monitor name which says “use my settings for this device”
4. Click on the add button
5. There will appear a list of color profiles. You want to select sRGBIEC611966-2.1 and click OK
6. Click on the set as default profile button and then close button

Some have mentioned that they are not all experiencing this. From further investigation, seems to be mostly with Samsung monitors.


  1. anth0ni0 says:

    brilliant. i just replaced my videocard and and was trying to figure out where the crazy off-white tint in Photo Viewer had come from. using the win7 calibration tools made things even crazier – more white but too vivid.. like cranking up the ‘vibrance’ in photoshop. but thanks for the snippet above. short & sweet. and yes i have a samsung monitor as well (syncmaster 931c)

  2. TP says:

    Ah, thanks! I have an Acer 24″ widescreen and this solved it!

  3. GR says:

    Thanks, just used this, have a Dell monitor, works great !!!

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